Tuesday, 25 May 2010

200 words

I have written 200 new words. They are the first 200 words in a very long time, so they have taken a correspondingly long time to 'craft', but at least I have leapt onto the rollercoaster again.

I started the re-engagement process by reading over the previous 40,000 words or so on Saturday evening(chapters 15-28) to get myself back into the story and situation -- and help determine whether any of it is salvagable. A few weeks ago I read the most recent chapter I wrote (chapter 29, written in January I think) and decided it was depressingly bad, but having now read from chapter 15 I believe that the others are fairly solid.

Chapter 29 was still bad though, so I have scrapped it and am rewriting -- similar core events, but minus all the excrutiating reflection. What was I thinking? Nevermind. Although I suspect that the awfulness of that chapter may have something to do with my long break of no writing, which is a shame. But back on track now. I just need to keep feeling the love.

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  1. Cool.
    Wishing you continued good vibes and ink flowing onto the page at your command.
    Cheers, A