Monday, 23 August 2010

Pub writing and the baby pooter

Back in May, I had this idea that it might be fun to try writing in the pub for the afternoon, and yesterday we finally gave it a go. We began with brunch in a cafe nearby, then migrated down to 'The Wick' in the early afternoon to experiment. It was busier than I expected based on past experience, but fortunately a booth came free shortly after we arrived, and we crammed ourselves into it -- ultimately seven writers with seven laptops, clacking away madly, bottles of wine, glasses and plates of snacks cluttering the table. We even found a conveniently located power point for those with dodgy batteries.

The whole afternoon was a resounding success. I'm fairly sure it was the only reason I got any words written this past weekend, and possibly others felt the same. It was like a mini retreat, and injected some productivity into our brunch meeting. In fact, when we first conceptualised brunch, the idea was that we would all go home and write afterwards, but somehow we never seem to leave the cafe. This therefore is a win-win solution, and I rather suspect may become a monthly event.

It also gave me the opportunity to blood my new baby computer. After many hours of research, I purchased a Samsung N210 netbook a couple of weeks ago. I have long desired one for occasions just such as this, but my impending overseas trip gave me the excuse I needed to actually spend the money. It has a mega-battery on it too. I must have had it switched on with a bright screen for around 5-1/2 hours, and it was telling me at still had 5-1/2 hours juice left in it. Admittedly I had switched the WiFi off, but this battery life is very impressive, considering how bright I had the screen. With such a battery, I could conceivably write on the plane all the way to Paris, providing I can recharge during a stopover.

The keyboard on my baby pooter is also great. It's a little bit smaller, but I had few problems getting used to it. The screen is also good -- I had thought it might be too small, but no. All good. I am seriously happy with my new little friend!

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