Sunday, 8 August 2010

Schoolies week

Entirely by coincidence, I caught up with two different sets of school friends in the past week. As one of the 'girls' I caught up with today remarked, these are people with whom we share something unique. No-one we meet today can reminisce with us about childhood and adolescence, or remember what our dreams were back then. There's something rather amazing (and surreal) about sitting around a table recounting stories from back in the day (over 20 years ago), straining our memories for names and faces, or struggling simply to recall the event that to someone else is a vivid memory. We dug out old photos from our final year of school, laughed in the face of old crushes, ridiculed the fashions, and shared news of others we might have bumped into or heard of at some time in the past two decades. These are people who knew us before we knew ourselves, and it's remarkable to think that after all these years, none of us have really changed.

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  1. Now like me at the 50th reunion earlier this year we all said the same thing! Now that is scary!