Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A brief note on hotels

Over the past month I have stayed in a variety of budget hotels in France and Spain -- many of them delightful, others not so much (all selected by Intrepid). Upon entering each room, myself and my room mate would immediately investigate the following things:

- powerpoints. With so many electrical devices (computers, phones, camera battery chargers etc) it has been a juggling act to get everything charged or powered (using one european adapter each), and the ideal scenario was a powerpoint beside each bed.
- shower. We had a wide variety, including showers over baths, showers without curtains/screens (disaster!), showers without adequate hot water or pressure, always showers on flexible pipes.
- breakfast. In France most hotels had breakfast available, sometimes included. In Spain, not so much. Invariably we took places up on their breakfast offer, as it was really convenient.
- WiFi. Every hotel had free WiFi available -- awesome -- and most had it available in the rooms. This was an unexpected bonus for me and has made blogging easy!

Aside from that, hotel rooms were for the most part simple but comfortable. Some stood out from a comfort point of view (Bordeaux, Sarlat, Madrid), others had great atmosphere or views (Luchon, Segovia, Cordova). Probably the worst hotels were in Cahors and Barcelona.

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