Saturday, 13 November 2010

Winds of the Strait

The whole point of going to Tarifa was to stand at the southern edge of Spain and feel the winds of the Strait of Gibraltar in our hair. Just 14km across the strait loom the mountains of Morocco, clearly visible on the two lovely clear days we had (although perhaps more difficult to see in this photo); to the west spans the Atlantic Ocean; and to the east stretches the Mediterranean Sea.

Tarifa is a beach town, a surfers' (and para-sailers') town. It has a gorgeous old centre, comprising cobbled laneways and white-painted buildings reminiscent of the Greek Islands, embraced by a partial stone wall. There is a ruined castle and a lighthouse out on Isla de Tarifa, accessible in theory by a causeway, but not by the public.

Most of us didn't do much here. Sat in cafes, bars, ate, drank, talked, relaxed. It was lovely. (The more adventurous took a day trip to Morocco, which was by all accounts fantastic.)

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  1. Some trivia for you Ellen,

    Tarifa is also the location of the Vessel Traffic Services for the Gibraltar Straits shipping. Each vessel passing trough has to call them up on the VHF radio to gain permission to enter the Straits.

    Most of the time they just want to know if I am carrying any danagerous cargo, I would like to think that they are also checking all the other vessels to make sure they behave !

    See you next week, looking forward to catching up

    Rich Eames x