Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mii in the dead of night

I recently received the most awesome early birthday present of a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit Plus. Since I was away for this past weekend, I didn't get to set up more than the basic unit. But I did get so far as to establish my first 'Mii' (personal avatar).

When I was in Germany, we played Wii Fit a lot, and I loved the avatar created for me by my niece. 'Ellie' was really cool, and I believe she is still the household 'King' of several games, including tightrope walk, big top juggling, segway circuit, bird's eye bulls-eye, and rhythm parade. I haven't been able to create a Mii avatar nearly as good on my own -- does anyone know how I can get hold of Ellie from Germany and download her to my system?

Last night as I stared at the ceiling at 2am, very far from sleep, I hit upon the idea of making Mii avatars of the main characters in my novel. (This is so I have some friends to cheer me on as I seek to improve all my scores.) In fact, I was so wide awake that I got out of bed in the dead of night and spent 20 mins creating avatars for my two leading characters. I was a bit limited as to colours and hairstyle, and I was unable to include a sword for my swordsman, but it's them, more or less. All a bit of fun!

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  1. so do they support you or do do you compete against them? 'cos i know you're good, Ellen, but how would you beat a swordsman??