Thursday, 24 February 2011


A couple of weeks ago I devised a schedule for all the things I want to achieve while on respite from the daily grind. As expected, the plan was probably a little ambitious, but I have managed to fulfill the two main goals for February: walk and write every day (more or less).

It's been great to have some solid writing time, particularly given that the closer I get to the end of the novel, the harder the final few chapters are to write. It's been very difficult to 'lay the pen down' in the afternoon in order to attend to some of those other items on my list. Some days I've just gone with it and ignored everything else I'm supposed to be doing (like, maybe, finding an income). Other days I've dragged myself away and ticked some of the other things off the list.

February will be finished soon, and I suppose I'll have to give up the indulgence of prioritising writing. Mostly. But I do want and need to maintain a focus on walking and exercising every day. Otherwise, without even the walk to the train station, I'm in danger of becoming a couch potato. But I will need to do something about the time I'm getting up in the morning . . .

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