Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The schedule

I have been . . . I'm not sure whether I want to say 'unemployed', but I guess that is the truth . . . for two days now. That is not to say I've been doing nothing, however, for I have set myself a rather long list of tasks to achieve over the next couple of months, and in order to succeed I've drawn up a schedule.

The two most important things in the short term are health/fitness and finishing my novel. As a result, I'm targeting an early morning walk (unless I have an errand to run on foot later in the day) and a morning writing session. That gets the two essentials ticked off by midday.

This allows me to plan all sorts of other critical tasks for the afternoons. This week I am prioritising career stuff: resume, tech writing/communications portfolio . . . and then I guess I'd better check out the job market and start networking. I'm still not clear on what I want to do, but I intend to apply widely and at least get some interview practice in!

I also have grand renovation plans, not to mention house and garden decluttering and maintenance, and myriad 'life stuff' to sort while I have the head space and can attend to things during the day. It's amazing all the little things I have let slide merely owing to a too-hectic job. I am so looking forward to getting my life in order.

Of course, the likelihood of me sticking to the schedule 100% is slim, owing to several factors, including over-optimism, inability to get up at 7am, and things taking longer than I think they will. I am sure I will also have to rein myself in on the writing front some days, when I get absorbed and don't want to stop.

Or maybe sometimes I'll cut myself some slack and go where the mood takes me. Whatever happens, the next couple of months should be awesome.


  1. Lita and the boys in MelbourneWednesday, 09 February, 2011

    Enjoy yourself, Ellen. You have been a hard-working, conscientious employee the whole time I've known you. I reckon you should get a part time job at Bunnings; new environment,new people AND lots of home reno contribution possibilites with a 10% discount. It'd be at least 10%, surely? Fine, work in a bookshop then...

  2. Give in to the writing on the days you get absorbed. You will never regret it!

  3. Yes, I did give into the writing yesterday, and it was goooood.