Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jeddah, Chenna & me

Jeddah (my mum's miniature schnauzer) has been hanging around at my place quite a bit of late. And he's back again for a stay of a few weeks while the folks are on a road trip to South Australia.

We've got our routine all sorted -- him, me and Chenna. Right now it's the devilcat perched high on her cushion, me at the other end of the couch, and Jeddah on the middle cushion all curled up asleep. Lucky it's a big couch!

The mornings are interesting. Chenna no longer wakes me up at 6:30am due to her autofeeder, but Jeddah gets me out of bed at about 7:30 to be let outside for all of about 2 minutes (the mornings are cold, after all) and then he sneaks onto the couch until I get up (because I've crawled back to bed by now).

He's not actually supposed to get onto the couch unless invited; this is my mum's rule and she's very strict. But somehow he knows I'm a softy, and although he started off being pretty good, there came a point a few weeks ago when he was on the couch every time my back was turned. I began by relocating him to his own bed on the floor, but it only worked until I left the room. So I gave up. And now the couch is his bed during the day -- although I still make him sleep over night in his bed at the foot of mine. (I rather think he'd be happy to sleep on my bed, but that's Chenna's domain.)

After I've had breakfast (and he's had breakfast -- Chenna had hers hours previously), Jeddah gets very excited. But if I go near my computer he gets grumpy. In fact, if I do anything other than put on shoes and grab his lead he gets grumpy. (woof) So we head off for a walk. I have the 30min walk and the 60min walk, so it depends on the weather and how much time I have as to which one we take. (Lucky I'm not working, hey.)

If I've timed all that right, it's mid-morning by the time we get back and then I'm allowed to switch the computer on -- and finally I get my coffee! Jeddah is then quite happy to sleep on the couch for the rest of the day with Chenna -- it's so cute to see the two of them there!

So that's the average day really. So long as he gets a walk first thing, he's happy enough. And although it does eat into my morning a little, I figure that at least it's making me go for a walk every day.


  1. I know Jeddah loves you and is SO happy to stay. His Mum really misses him and is so pleased that he has such a special place to have a holiday.