Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Status update: time to get moving!

Well, here we are in mid-July. Half-way through winter. Five months since I stopped working. How time has flown.

On the writing front, things have steadied. I may not be quite where I wanted to be from a career point of view, but I'm forging ahead nonetheless. Ideas are brewing (hehe). Have just finished a month-long writing challenge, where progressing a rough draft of the new project was prioritised over just about everything else. After a false start, I produced approximately 15,000 new words. (That's about 12.5% of a medium-length fantasy novel, or around 40-50 pages I think.) It's not as many words as I'd intended (considering I'm not working), but still a solid start.

But it's time to get real now. It's been fun while it lasted (especially the pub and cafe writing sessions and the sleeping in and meeting friends for lunch and generally answering to nobody), but I think the time has finally come for me to focus again on my professional career -- the one I'm actually good at and which brings in dollars so that I can live in the manner to which I've become accustomed.

I feel ready to get back into it.

So I am now going to (gulp) take another look at my resume and try to figure out what type of job I want and then try to insert myself back into the workforce. I'm going to figure out how LinkedIN works. I daresay it will take longer than I anticipate and get very frustrating as I possibly transition careers. I also want to start knocking off a whole heap of things on my original list of 'things to do while not working' -- including getting a bathroom reno going!

I will continue to write -- the last thing I want to do is lose the momentum I've established recently; I still want to write every day if I can -- but writing time windows will inevitably shrink and I'll need to start using my time a lot more efficiently.

It's time to get my body and brain moving again. Time to end the delightful holiday.

(No doubt I'll soon post something called 'the revised schedule' once I've figured it out. Hope I stick to it this time, because the one invented in February when I first stopped working never got off the ground...)


  1. If there is anything I can do to help you out with your job search just let me know. I have gathered a number of resources over the years that may be useful...

  2. Good luck with the job hunting ... I am certain that you will find something, you have fantastic skills!