Saturday, 13 August 2011

C25K - week 3 - Curves 1.0

This week my exercise regimen stepped up a notch . . . three walk/runs for the C25K program and three workouts at Curves gym. Rest day on Sunday -- and OMG do I need it!

The C25K routine (week 3) involved: 5 min warmup walk - [90s jog - 90s recovery walk - 3min jog - 3min recovery walk] X2 - 5 min cooldown walk.

Surprisingly I found that a 3 min jog, although insanely hard, was not twice as hard as a 90s jog. The weather was cooler too, so I didn't get quite so hot and bothered. I completed the program along the canal and through the park on Mon, Wed, Fri . . . It took an extra special effort to get out on Friday afternoon, because my 'usual' morning timeslot was substituted for a regular walk-along-the-beach with a friend.

I'm still having to fool myself into 'going for a walk to see how I go', but of course sheer determination and obstinacy -- once I'm out there -- takes care of the rest. But I'm seriously not looking forward to week 4, which seems to be an enormous step up in difficulty.

The new Curves endeavour, on the other hand, is a more attractive proposition for several reasons: 1) It's companionable/social, 2) There is no 'out' because I'm getting picked up at 6:40am, 3) It doesn't involve a public exhibition, 4) I actually find muscle workouts easier and more enjoyable.

I feel the Curves workouts complement the more aerobic C25K workouts really well. Even better, they're making me get out of bed at a far more acceptable hour . . . so I can utilise more of my day. (Conversely, the thought of a walk/run serves to keep me in bed.) Our Curves days are Tues, Thurs and Sat, leaving no room for deviations in the C25K schedule!

I certainly believe I deserve my rest day after all that activity, and feel much better for having done it. My next quest is to get my eating habits under control to see whether I can shake off a few kg while I'm at it!

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