Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rising Water

Just a very brief post about the MTC production of Tim Winton's play, Rising Water, which I saw a couple of weeks ago. It's set on the decks of three boats moored permanently side-by-side in a marina, where three loners live and hide out from the world -- while interacting abrasively with each other from their individual vessels. When a loudmouthed drunken English backpacker turns up and looks like falling in the water, Baxter's (John Howard) chivalrous spirit kicks in and he takes her onboard his dilapidated craft. She proves to be the catalyst for confrontation and the revelation of a scandal.

This one didn't really work for me. It was a little slow, and although it was easy enough to follow, the main themes never really coalesced into a cohesive whole. I was left bemused and unsure what was the point of it all. In the fortnight since I saw it, most of my other thoughts have dribbled away, leaving a feeling of vague dissatisfaction...

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