Sunday, 4 September 2011

A walk in the bush with vanilla slice

It is over a year since I completed the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker event with an intrepid group of friends, but some of us reunited today for a walk along a short section of the now-infamous 100km trail in the Dandenong Ranges.

We dusted off our trailrunners, loaded up our backpacks, prepared snack bags and hit Grant's Picnic Ground (Kallista) at the civilised time of 9:00am. And it was fabulous to get back out into the bush and relive some of the memories. We spent a great deal of time at Grant's over the months we were training, and became rather fond of their famous vanilla slices. So reliving that particular experience was high on our agenda -- so high in fact that we pre-purchased them for after our walk, just in case they ran out!

After some discussion, we decided not to do a car-shuffle in order to walk a complete stage, and instead walked out of Grant's for the first section of CP3-4 and then retraced our steps via the Sherbrooke Falls. This meant a shorter walk and less bother with logistics -- probably a good thing, since this was the first decent walk some of our group had done in a while. We were also joined by one of our original support crew, and it was lovely to share the trail and experiences with her.

We finished up with lunch in the picnic ground, and then into the tea rooms for a well-earned coffee and vanilla slice.Very yummy.

I was interested to note this week that the trail was changed for this year's event (and presumably future events) and no longer passes through Grant's Picnic Ground. I feel a little sad for all those walkers who are missing out on those vanilla slices during their training sessions!

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  1. Oh Ellen! The picture of the vanilla slice looks devine! Such a great excuse to go for a walk.