Monday, 23 April 2012

Ode to Forge and Brew

This blog is extremely dear to my heart. I've been blogging here on Forge and Brew for... six years now. How many hours I've spent pouring out my soul onto its pale gleaming pages I cannot begin to guess. Until this year, it's logged every movie, every performance, just about every book... not to mention great meals, rants about terrible service, garden and house developments, writing milestones, weightloss and fitness achievements... Let's face it, this blog has documented the last several years of my life!

I miss it. Do you miss it?

My attention this year has been elsewhere. My other blog, the one that's becoming the public face of me, has consumed all my energy -- rather than this secret indulgence where I can write about whatever I want and not care whether it'll affect me professionally.

On this blog I don't have to care about brand or platform or being eloquent or interesting or attracting heaps of hits and comments. No-one but me will care if anyone reads this... and it's been so long since I've posted here, perhaps no-one will!

But I really don't care. This is the blog where I -- yes me -- can click back through the archives and see a snapshot of my life at a specific point in time. I have a record of what was consuming my attention -- it's fascinating how it changes over the months and years. I truly value the memories I've captured here.

And what's been bothering me for a few months now is how I'm not keeping this blog up to date. Stuff is still happening in my life, but unless I document it here, it'll be like it never happened in two years time. It's almost as though my life is passing me by!

I cannot catch up again. To do so would take too many hours that I simply do not have, but I am going to list some posts-that-will-never-be:

Tribes and The Seed -- Two MTC plays I've seen this year. Tribes, by Nina Raine, was seen on 15 February and The Seed, by Kate Mulvany, on 14 March.

Hugo and John Carter -- Two movies I've seen this year. At least, the only two I can remember. (See?!) I thought Hugo was fabulous... John Carter not so much. I think, but my hazy memory cannot be certain, that my expedition to see Hugo in 3D took me to the Jam Factory, where I nearly got locked into the carpark. Once, I would have taken great relish in telling that story. *sigh*

My experiences with digital radio and Koffee -- I bought two digital radios a couple of months ago, one for home and one for work. This all to listen to Koffee, a digital-only station with NO ADS. It's great, particularly in the office.

Jeddah -- This is still a post I intend to write, but there is so much I want to say and I need a good slab of time. Jeddah left us on 19 March after suffering a cluster of rather horrifying seizures that left him comatose. My poor mum had to make the difficult decision, but as she says it wasn't really a decision. He was no longer with us in spirit. Although we didn't have an autopsy, the signs point to an aggressive brain tumour. Gosh I'm crying again. I wrote a couple of posts about him when he was staying with me last year. They are here. I hope to get around to writing about him properly soon.

I'm sure there are many more things I wish I'd written about in the past few months. I will try to write more of a status update post soon. There is, after all, much to say about where I'm at now!

Gee -- it's been GOOD to post on my beloved Forge and Brew again. I promise, dear blog, it will not be two months before I post here again.