Friday, 24 August 2012

A week of fire-breathing dragons

It's been a hell of a week.

I've seen it coming for some time, hurtling towards me like a herd of shiny fire-breathing dragons. There was no avoiding it. Three major work projects heading for one hulluva collision. All I could do was gird my loins, and mentally resolve myself to deal with whatever was dished up.

After three big weeks (none bigger than this past week) I now feel like a wrung-out rag. There's been very little recreational writing (only on the weekends)... and this week I abandoned any thoughts of counting calories or exercising. To get through this week, I needed cake and other yummy food. Moreover, tonight sees me finishing off a bottle of red and rapidly demolishing a block of chocolate -- completely flaked out on the couch and almost comatose.

Yesterday saw my anxiety peak, and the preceding night I lost sleep due to work for the first time in years. I spent a horrid Thursday morning contemplating curling into the very spacious cavity beneath my desk -- which is conveniently in a corner -- before I took deep breaths and put my head down and worked through some stuff, so that by the end of the day (~8:30pm) I was feeling moderately in control.

Today I felt calmer, despite still having a huge amount to do, but it turned out both projects which were to end today have drifted into Monday. This is both good and bad. Good, because I needed the extra time to be satisfied; bad, because I so wanted them to be over!

I'm going to abscond to the Island tomorrow and I'm almost resolved not to take a computer. (gasp!) We'll see how my resolve lasts, but I confess it's much easier to contemplate given the availability of a smartphone. I'm not sure I'm ready to be completely cut off from my social media. But I think I want a break from computers for a couple of days.

Besides, I need to be ready for next weekend, when I'm off on a writing retreat for four days - huzzah! So I think a couple of days break is in order. Means I can spend the time reading and walking along the beach instead. Just what I need.

Come Monday it's back to the grindstone, although hopefully I can have more normal hours next week. Yet there's still project number three to finish off and project number four to kick-off. September isn't looking too much better - alas.


  1. Hang in there, Ellen & look forward to the writing retreat. That ought to be fun!

    Cheers for cake, wine and chocolate :)

    1. Thanks, Kim. Yes next week's retreat should be awesome! No doubt much yummy food then too. Three cheers indeed for wine chocolate and cake!